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catering company Libya
Whatever your requirements , you can rest assured that we will deliver.


We will prepare, Deliver, and serve any type of function to your exact requirements.


Committed to a “customer comes first” philosophy, through the development of an Environment which fosters Quality Excellence, Continuous Improvement and a Perfect Partnership with clients.


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Catering Company Libya

We are a leading catering company based in Libya, and engaged in the provision of catering and housekeeping services, to the highest International standards. We are actively planning and implementing HACCP an internationally recognised catering standard, across our range of contracts. Our team of Managers take a hand’s on approach and are vastly experienced and qualified, they have more than 30 years experience, catering within Libya.

Catering company Libya

Our Libyan catering company operates all over Libya in towns or in deep desert conditions. We have catering services on oil rigs, refinaries, universities, hospitals and many other areas and locations all ove Libya.

Our catering services in Libya are provided with quality and cost in mind and we will comply and exceede all your companies HSE requirements. Catering in libya takes experiance and expertise and we have both.

Catering Company Libya

lOur Business model is based on, mutual trust, understanding and efficiency. We feel this will lead to further collaboration and success for both parties. We firmly believe our customers should receive the very best professional, safety orientated and internationally acknowledged catering and housekeeping services, for their projects, camps, offices and guesthouses. Whether, they are in remote and difficult terrain, or a city centre. It is our aim to offer innovative and ever evolving menus, bearing in mind the trend towards healthy life styles and eating a balanced diet. We are able to produce our menus to cater for multi-national workforces. more

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 catering company libya




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